Update (1) on Omaia Abduelateef Hassan Omaia

Omaia Abduelateef Hassan Omaia

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization


Update (1)

1) Omaia Abduelateef Hassan Omaia
 He disappeared from public defense office in Rashad, and all governmental authorities denied that he is not with them. This made us more anxious about his life, which mean either he deported to unknown place nor killed (we hope not the second option).  HUDO investigations ensured that the vehicle that was used to abduct him belongs to Military Intelligence (MI).  HUDO got information Omaia's relative is SAF general, asked about Omaia but he faced denying. He used his position in creating investigation committee, expected this committee will arrive Rashad today.

2) Elnazeer Osman
On (26th August 2012) he transferred from Kopper prison to attorney office, although there is negotiation between (NISS) and his tribe aiming to release him. There was some rumors (unconfirmed) that commander Fadeil (JEM leader) he put a condition of releasing some detainees (Nazeer one of them) to start negotiation with Khartoum.





28th August 2012