Update (5)

Detainees in Al Abbasiy and Elnazeer


منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization



Update (5)

  Detainees in Al Abbasiy and Elnazeer   

Al Abbasiy detainees names: 

 Elsadiq Abdalla  Elaraki Rushash

 Elmansour Ahammed Ahammed Elmansour

 Asmaa Ahammed Elmansour Geiley 

On 10th Nov 2012 NISS deported (Elsadiq Abdall) and (Asmaa Ahammed) from Al Abbasiya to Khartoum . However (Elmansour) was left in Al Abbasiya with his family due to his illness, with commitment from his family to bring him back to NISS office after his recovery.

HUDO expect from this deportation two options:

 More interrogation

 Open a case against them at security of state attorney office (this attorney office only in Khartoum).  

Elnazeer Osman Jomaa 

He was sent back again from Kopper prison to security of state attorney office. Note that Elnazeer completed six months on (8th November 2012) and as the criminal procedure law declared he is supposed not to stay beyond this period unless to be extend by head of judiciary in the state or to be transferred to court. Unless this step is done it will be a violation of law. 




11th November 2012