Update on Appeal (15)

Update on Appeal (15)

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization



Update on Appeal (15)

Reference is made to the latest appeal of the five Christians who were detained on 24th February 2013, We hereby further updating you on the case as follows:

Abdalla Saeed Ballu was questioned and released on the same day; Steven Yagoub, Mamadan Elia were release on 27th; and Yousif Ali Saeed was released on 28th. All of them are released under the condition of reporting to NISS on daily basis.
However Mr. Barnaba Temthaose is still under detention

Please note that all the detainees were accuse of:
• Promoting Christianity among universities students.
• Receiving illegal transferred money from outside Sudan.

More Action: NISS forcibly entered the FCUS's quest house, and looted FCUS's car.

HUDO Word: Attack of Christians and religion discrimination are significantly increasing.

The reason behind NISS targeting Christian Nubian?
The Nuba Mountain universities students union, insist on maintaining their heritage and values of peaceful coexistence of religious diversity all the time particularly in their occasions and celebration, which gives good sign and even nice soul by Christian contribution (I personally, witnessed it in several occasions, and it deserved recognition). However, the Sudanese Government, with its lonely vision never accept that and viewed as promotion of Christianity

We hereby appeal to all human rights activists individuals and organizations to launch an international campaign to halt such religious explosion and churches looting.