Update on Kadogli’s Ladies

Update on Kadogli’s Ladies

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization



Updating on Kadogli's Ladies

As reported on our previous update, all the ladies have been transferred to Elobeid prison since 28th of December 2012, and still detained there in a very bad condition as follow:

• No investigation has done to any one of them, and have never been called by the National Security Services / NISS (which mean what had been said by the prison manager is proved to be truth – that he was ordered by NISS to keep them in jail for six months).

• Bad quality and not Sufficient food: They are given very little amount of beef meat, oil and onion to cook for their selves, after adding another amount and other things from their own money (which is not available for most of them).

• Most of them sleeping on plastic mats, except those could afford buying mattress.

• They have been divided among criminals ladies rooms (warehouses), as follow:

o 16 in room with other criminals.
o 10 in room with other criminals.
o 05 in room with other criminals.

• Five of the detainees are having young children between 6 and 18 months, namely:

􀀺 Asha Hussein
􀀺 Majda Mubarak
􀀺 Afaf Madani Naser
􀀺 Rasail Murad
􀀺 Shadeya Yousif

• Some with chronic illness diabetic and hypertensive and no access to medical services (the prison clinic is so poor), and there are two now waiting for approval from NISS (they kept in jail under NISS order and supervision) as to send them for public or private medical treatment services, those two are:

􀀺 Fathia Abdulmutalab: She had recurrent hypotension
􀀺 Nagat Ibrahim: She was in comma for two days, currently she is gaining her conscious.

• One detainee: Khadega Mohamed Badur Kuku, had been urgently referred to Khartoum Hospital on 6thof February 2013. This type of NISS permits for medical transfer of detainee, does not usually happen unless the condition is threatening. Her medical history is: she felt down in Kadogli prison resulted into back trauma, which further led to difficulties in standing and moving. Upon her arrival at Khartoum hospital - orthopedic department ward she has undergone some imaging investigations: X-Ray and MRI, awaiting for the outcome and she is still at the same ward under NISS guarding.

• It has been confirmed that detainee Ehlam Abdulgadir Ali has had an abortion during her stay in Kadugli jail.

The good news are:
• They had access to phone's calls.
• They had daily visit from 09 am to 03 pm (Sudan localtime).

It is important to that, these detained ladies have now been in detention for more than three months (since 5th November 2012), without being charged and deprived of access to lawyers, under very bad jailing situation, which against the international laws and Sudan constitution (2005).
We hereby appealing to all human rights actors to mount an international campaign give their case more highlighting, and the financial support should be considered and there is save way for sending. Also we will ask the activist lawyer to penetrate through
the visit access. So as all of us can keep knocking and knocking on NISS rock.

14th of February 2013