Update on Kadogli Ladies’ Hunger Strike

Update on Kadogli Ladies’ Hunger Strike

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization



Update on Kadogli Ladies' Hunger Strike

On 17th May, El Obeid prison manager succeeded in convincing the detained ladies to break down their hunger strike except the three (3) who refused to do so. He promised them how he was to contact Kadogli authorities in order to solve their problem.

Since that time he didn't give them the feedback or meet them again, but he kept requesting the three ladies (who kept on with the
strike) through meeting them individually at his office to break the strike. On Thursday 23th May 2013, he succeeded in convincing the two of them and now it is only one who insisted to go on with the hunger strike.

Her name is AL-Radiea Suliman Tia. She is only taking fluids and she is very weak and deteriorating. Her family now is highly  concerned about her health and life.

HUDO is requesting you all to give her more attention, she is in real dangerous condition and further health complications are expected. So please give more support to her case by distributing this information and urging government to consider the ladies' case.

25th of May 2013