Selected news from Nuba Mountains

Selected news from Nuba Mountains

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization



Selected news from Nuba Mountains



  • An armed group attacked a governmental military point at Hajar Jawad village on the road between Kadogli and Dilling where eight people/soldiers lost their lives and the governmental/military vehicle was burnt.
  • Most of the people fled from the area due to rumors (unconfirmed) that SPLA may attack Kadogli on (9th November 2012).



Yesterday (6th November 2012) there was shelling targeting Rashad town where four policemen were wounded and number of animals (goats) were killed.


Al Leri

The fate or number of detainees is still unknown since the authorities had hidden them.




7th November 2012