Kadogli – peace conference opening (Day One)

peace conference opening (Day One)

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization



Kadogli on (08.10.2012)

peace conference opening (Day One)


The peace conference which is expected to run for three days(8th – 10th of October 2012) opened today morning. It is organized by NCP (party in power). Within this opening day Kadogli was shelled twice a day by (9-12) missiles. These shelling came from the eastern direction to the town.


Firstly: the morning missiles:


It was shelled in morning at (11 am) by (7-10 missiles) distributes as:

  • One of it boomed in Alyarmouk primary school, it is near the radio building (may be they targeted the radio). It resulted on death of lady called (Kubra) she is cleaner at the school, injured teacher lady named (Tamani Ali Bajoun) the pupils were threatened and some got hysterical (HYS) and sent to hospital.
  • Some of missiles bumped at Umbatah area around the military head quarter .
  • One in house resulted deaths of mother named (Aisha) and her three kids.
  • One in Ehejraa primary school, resulted one pupil wounded.
  • One near Umbatah market, resulted death of one lady named (Nuseiba Awad) and wounded a child named (Amjad Gadim).
  • One on Umbatah hill, nothing lost or injured.
  • One missile bumped at Hai Elmuwazafeen Elshargei on two house, one of them occupied by the radio manager (Akasha) and the second by governmental accountant (Izzeldin) (nearby to these houses, the general student union office and the (PDF) commander's house- maybe they meant them), resulted one woman named (Raya Adam Omran) injured, and the two house destroyed.
  • One missile bumped in PDF head quarter office (unknown the result due to hidden it by authorities).


Secondly: The evening missiles:


It was shelled at late afternoon before sunset (5 pm) by two missiles.

The two missiles was bumped in Hai Hajar-Elmac (eastern part of the town) on some houses and resulted on deaths of three ladies and six children injured .(HUDO didn't discover what the actual target was).



Immediately after the shelling, the security authorities in town launched arresting campaign and a number of people under accusation of correcting the shelling. Also it arrested Elshorouq TV channel correspondent (Mohammed Ismail) under accusation of sending incorrect information.



There is a rumor in town that SPLA are at Taco village (5 km S.E Kadogli), if this rumor turns out to be true, many questions will raise.

Is this shelling a message for Kadogli dwellers that SPLA may attack Kadogli, and they have to leave? Or why being very close to town?

Or this will be misleading from what they are planning?





8th of October 2012