Kadogli : Peace Conference (Day two)

Kadogli on (09.10.2012) Conference (Day two)

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization




Kadogli on (09.10.2012)

Conference (Day two)


(day one)


HUDO mentioned yesterday about the two missiles last evening, but there were other two on the head of military quarter (at the southern part of the town), HUDO didn't recognize the result due to hiding information by army, and they are even evacuated the area from dwellers at other part of the town (today they started to go back).


Conference in (Day two)


Today the governmental military reacted by air boomig around Kadogli town with huge air flying on Kadogli sky, which sent fear among citizen particularly the children and women, and many became hysterical and fainted (e.g.: female student/ Mehad – she was admitted in the hospital).

  • The conference continued normally, and there was leaflet distributed all over the town inviting the people for the closing ceremony next day (10th October 2012)!!!! Many people were scared.
  • The UN agencies stopped work and gave their staff local leave, allowed them to choose between stay at their homes or at the UN compound near the airport (10 km from town centre).
  • Almost absence of student and pupils in schools.
  • The number of physical and psychological traumatized is variable, but in general highest than what was declared by the government.
  • Two missiles fired today late afternoon, one in Hajar-Elmac and the other in Hai Tello (civilian areas).
  • Today the authorities allowed the traveling buses to move to their daily journeys (two days before they were not allowed, which made some citizens to travel by walking). The government trying to keep the civilians in towns (maybe as human shields).





9th of October 2012