Update on Kadogli Ladies Hunger Strike

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization



An Update on Kadogli Ladies Hunger Strike

On 13th May 2013 the eighteen Kadogli ladies in El Obeid prison declared a hunger strike. On the afternoon of 17th May 2013 (the fifth day of their strike) the manager of Elobeid prison conducted a meeting with them, and he informed them that, when their order of detention expired, he informed Kadogli NISS authorities about it and he put two options to the NISS Authorities; either
to release the ladies or to handled them back. Then he informed them how he received a letter from the director of South Kordufan police state (Police Maj.

Gen. Mugadam Habilla) instructing him to extend their detention for more six months with justification that; most of the members of the state security committee are absent either in fighting front at Abu Kershola or went to Abyei for the issue related to the death of Dinka Ngouk community leader. And he informed him that, unless the security committee conducts a meeting about their (ladies) issue and gives a decision they will be detained. So the prison manager requested the ladies to break down the strike, and on Sunday (working day in Sudan) he will re-contact Kadogli authorities to solve their problem.

Fifteen (15) ladies responded and agreed to break down their strike hoping to be released by Sunday otherwise they will return back to hunger strike. Three of them refused and said "we will continue with the strike". Those three are:
1. AL-Radiea Suliman Tia
2. Zeinab Musa
3. Hiba Abdurhaman

The Security authorities in Sudan as well as the regime itself started from beginning of May dealing in reacting way due to Sudan Revolutionary front (SRF) attacks, and the extension letter which was issued by the police general, HUDO was assured that it
has been an order from NISS just to keep them under detension. These ladies have been kept more than six months without charges.

HUDO is appealing for strong campaign by National and international NGOs and media to urge the international decision maker (UN, USA, Europeans countries and their Embassies) to put more pressure on Sudan government. This will help in releasing them.

18th of May 2013