Appeal (14): Abdulraheem Ahammed Azzaz

Appeal (14): Abdulraheem Ahammed Azzaz

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization



Appeal (14)



Name:                                     Abdulraheem Ahammed Azzaz

Age:                                        41Years

Occupation:                          Farmer

Academic Qualification:     Education Studies Bachelor / Khartoum University

Marital Status:                      Single

Political Affiliation:            Non

Residency:                            Um elkherat / Southern Kordofan            

Originally from:                   Um elkherat / Southern Kordofan

Date of Arresting:                02/02/2013

Place of Arresting:               His farm (Agricultural project East Abudoum Hill -                                          40 km north east Alabasseya town)

Arrested By:                          Unknown

Place of detaining:               Unknown



            When he in his farm with others, land cruiser vehicle came with 9 people on board (wear civilian dresses), one of them asked him:

  1. When you was been in Mashaga camp?
  2. I was been there before one week.
  3. Why you are there?
  4. Am was there looking for casual labor for my farm.

After this short dialogue, they asked him to ride up the vehicle, then after he did, they moved towards Alabasseya. Up to now nobody knows where he is and what happen to him.








8th of February 2013