Correction & Updating on New Conflict

Correction & Updating on New Conflict

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Correction & Updating on New Conflict



Today we get access for contacting Abu-Jibaiha, so this is a correction for the information we issued under title (New Conflict) on date (10th of February).

On Thursday (7th of February 2013), fourteen men came back on truck (Bedford – 7 tons) from a journey of collecting Arabic gum at Elegaiz - Elregaiba area (near Idd el halluf, 80km S.E Abu-Jibaiha) aiming Abu-Jibaiha. At appoint of five km north Elegaiz, a troop of South Sudan soldiers on three Land cruiser pickup stopped and investigated them on base of this South Sudan's land, the group denied that and answered this point is 30 km north 56th margin boarder. Within this discussion a DC troop came on one vehicle and start firing on them all, the SS soldiers fired also, then the civilian became in between exchange of fire. After while the DC vehicle run away and two of SS followed it, sometime later one of two SS vehicle came back (the witnesses said the other vehicle burned), the soldiers blamed the civilian (you brought DC) in aggressive way, and start shoot them (as the survived victim said).

The exchange of fire and the later shooting by SS soldiers resulted (among the fourteen civilians):

  • Ten died
  • Four fled (two injured among them): they are lucky enough to met other group of gum collectors while their fleeing. The two injured named:
  • Bakri Abduelbagi Elhaj: He is the son of the truck' owner (his father killed). His trauma on his back (now he is receiving medical treatment at Khartoum where he refeared).
  • Elsadiq Suliman: his trauma superficially on one leg. He had been discharged from Abu-Jibaiha hospital yesterday.
  • The truck left behind.

There is deaths and injuries among the two militaries troops, but nobody knows how much they are.

On Friday 8th of February after relatives informed, four trucks (usually in South Kordofan using small one – 7 tons) full by armed people moved from Abu-Jibaiha and reached the incident point, they collected the dead bodies, and when they start moving, they received shooting from surrounding, immediately they did fire exchange within moving out of the area. This also resulted more deaths among both, eight died from civilians and some injured. Also they lost other truck (Austin – 7 tons).

On Saturday 9th of February, people in Abu-Jibaiha buried the 18 dead bodies. The names of the deads people are:

  1. Adam Elmaki Eltoum
  2. Eltoum Elmaki Eltoum
  3. Babikir Ali Eltoum
  4. Elnour Ali Elnour
  5. Khaleil Elnour Eltayeeb
  6. Eltayeeb Yagoub Salman
  7. Eltayeeb Ahammed Abdalla
  8. Elshaieb Younis
  9. Elshaieb Mohammed Bahar
  10. Abduelghani Hussein Eissa (60 years old)
  11. Adam Mohammed Ibrahim
  12. Awad Elnemair Habib
  13. Mohammed Jomaa Elsaied
  14. Radi Jomaa Mohammed
  15. Hamad Elhussein Abukalam
  16. Elsaier Elsaeed Abuelbashar
  17. Hassan Mohammed Ahammed
  18. Abduelbagi Elhaj (55 years old)

There are five injured remained in Abu-Jibaiha hospital, one of them is:

  • Ali Osman Sudan

All of the dead and injured people are youth, their ages between twenty to thirty five. Except the two mentioned (No. 10 & 18,.

The owners of two trucks lost are:

  • Abduelbagi Elhaj (died), type of truck is (Bedford – 7 tons). They said this vehicle now in SS Halluf military camp, near Kaka.
  • Ali Hussein Bailo, type of truck is (Austin – 7 tons).

Note to considered:

  • Idd el halluf one of the eight points which the two government didn't agree yet about the demarcation. Now the SS military had a camp there and the northern civilians had their activities (as gum collecting).
  • DC had camps nearby (on Sudan land) in Khowtim, and in karja






12th of February 2013