Elnazeer and Omaia

Elnazeer and Omaia

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization



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Elnazeer and Omaia


Elnazeer Osman

On Thursday (30th of Aug 2012) after he was re-interrogated, he was sent back to Kopper prison from attorney office. Still the tribal trial of releasing him (headed by Omda Mahadi Saboun) is going on with NISS. Also there was a new group that joined in this negotiation (members in NCP- Eissa Bashary, Hussein Mohammed Hamdi, Hassan Sudahi).


Omaia Abduelateef

Up to now the authorities are denying any information about him . HUDO got reliable information from it is resources that, yesterday (6th September 2012) he was brought to Rashad hospital after midnight for dressing of his wounds (wounds came as a result of torture which led to a fracture on his left forearm), they treated him and took him back to unknown place.





7th September 2012