Detainee: Elnazeer Osman Jomaa

Detainee: Elnazeer Osman Jomaa

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

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Detainee/ Elnazeer Osman Jomaa


Name:                   Elnazeer Osman Jomaa

Age:                      26 Years

Marital Status:         Single

Residence:             Almujlad

Occupation:            Oil well operator

Date of arrest:         17.10.2011

Arrested by:            NISS



On Monday 17th May 2011 at 10:00 am (Sudan local time), an armed troop of more than 45 people in military uniform with four Land cruiser vehicles surrounded a house in Almujlad (where Elnazeer was), they arrested him under gun threats and tied him. They took him to Almujlad air strip where their helicopter was waiting, they flew him to Balila airport and from there another airplane took him to Khartoum. They arrived Khartoum airport the same day at 4:00pm, from there they took him to NISS office.

The first interrogation was conducted at 4:00 am of the second day. The accusation was around the following;

  1. He is a head of a cell related to rebel.
  2. He has relation with South Sudan government.
  3. He received 1.4 billion Sudanese pound from South Sudan to exchange and that he did change it.

He denied all the accusations.

He stayed in Shendi station at Khartoum north for twenty(20) days and was later transfered to Kopper prison. On 8th May 2012 the NISS took him to the attorney and opened a case against him under articles (50/52/53/175) on criminal panel. Since that time, he has been in prison(without trial) and he is not released or given bail.