Is Jaleilla khamees Free?

منظمة حقوق الإنسان والتنميه

Human Rights and Development Organization


 Is Jaleilla khamees Free?



Name:                                                  Jaleilla khamees Kuku

Age:                                                    45 Years

Occupation:                                         Teacher / Adult Literacy Education

Date of Arresting by NISS:                13/03.2012

Date of transferred to Prosecutor:      29/07/2012

Date of Transferred to Court:                         04/11/2012

Date of judgement:                            17/01/2013


The lady mentioned above has been freed by courts of law on 17th Jan 2013 after being detained for a long time . When she went back to her teaching job at the Adult Literacy Education in Khartoum locality , she was informed that her position was terminated. Worse still, she had not received her salary right from March 2012. As a condition for her to get back her job and salary, the education office requested her to bring evidence from court to prove that she has no case . She went to court and got the judgement document, and she submitted it to them on 13th February, but still there is no response.

HUDO mentioned before in its previous reports how the government deals with the civil servant detainees in terms of terminating their jobs/contracts, stopping salaries and obstructing most of their income generating projects.







31st of March 2013