Update Kadogli Ladies

Update Kadogli Ladies

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization



Update (9) Kadogli Ladies (30/12/2012)

Today HUDO confirmed the Destination of the ladies transferred from Kadogli is Elobeid prison, now all the thirty ladies is there.
The prison director talked to them and gave them a chance to call their families and to inform they are in Elobeid prison (they did), also the director informed them; "you are in this jail by order from NISS, and the period will be six months, the reason is for security purpose in Kadogli (as NISS said)".

HUDO met some families received calls from them, they said the situation in Elobeid prison better than Kadogli prison (but still freedom and rights violated by jailing them).
Also HUDO got information about the remaining five ladies (in hospital), NISS will transfer them tomorrow from Kadogli to join those in Elobeid.

The important notification HUDO has to say, up to now no case opened against them, and some ladies in jail without any investigation even by NISS, which means; this against their constitutional rights and the international laws.