Kidnapping in Dilling, Nuba Mountains / South Kordufan

Kidnapping in Dilling, Nuba Mountains / South Kordufan

منظمة حقوق الإنسان والتنميه

Human Rights and Development Organization


Kidnapping in Dilling, Nuba Mountains / South Kordufan


Name: Mawada Ahammed Sharafeldin

Age:    11 years old

(She is a pupil at Dilling University's Primary School)


On 26thof February 2013 the girl mentioned above was kidnapped by two Egyptians in Dilling/South Kordofan, they are Mohammed Hamdy (formerly Technician of Dilling University's electricity generation station) the perpetrator was involved in this crime with his 23 years old son. The victim was lost when she was on her way to her aunt's house hence asked by Mr. Hamdy for the direction of her aunt's home, once she ridded up their car, immediately she was blind folded and tied her legs and hands, and injected her by anesthesia, which made her unconscious (according to the girl's statements). When she felt conscious, found herself in deserted house, she began screaming until she heard by a passer-by, he followed voice screaming and then identified and took her to her parent's house. Soon after her family went and reported the case at the police station, under article (45/A) of the Child Act. The police authorities moved after taking her statement which is with them as evidence to identify the kidnapers and their car. Indeed she identify them and their vehicle as stated in her words, and police detective members       found                           the descriptions as it:
• white car fixing tyre on the rear door, and inside there is bag with injections and pieces of closes.
• The descriptions of the kidnappers, had white skin and thick hair on their hands, one elder than the other.
Immediately they had been arrested and sent to police cell.
The victim referred to hospital for medical check, the medical report came back with no sign of rape.

On the second day came the prosecutor attorney (called Mohammed Elfateh) and bring them out and took them, but one policeman who is relative of the victim objected the release of the accused and threatened the prosecutor that if the accused is released then they as the girl's family will do the justice by their own means since there is no bail allowed in such crimes according to the law, hence the persecutor was sent back the perpetrators to the prison.
after the case submitted to the Court, the first trial conducted on 7thof March 2013 where the judge listen investigator and prosecution. The girl once saw the accused fainted down, immediately sent to the hospital. The judge gave an appointment for the second trial session on 11thof March2013.
The girl's lawyer called Ms. Ammal, have been contacted by Nuba mountains Bar Association (NBA) for coordination, support and assistance. The lawyer said; the judge's actions and questions during the first session seems going in the direction of dismissing the case.
HUDO is closely following the trial and will be publishing update reports concerning the case with its latest information and highly appreciated if any support is provided for the case so as the accomplish justice.





8th of March 2013