New Conflict

New Conflict

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 New Conflict


We mentioned before in our report (Nuba Mountain – Eastern Region) which published and submitted on 24th of November 2012, to the South Sudan's rebel group (Democratic Change - DC) headed by Dr. Lam Akol. Funded and hosted by Sudan government, and located at Abu-Jibaiha area / South Kordofan.

When the Sudan's authorities failed to merge the biggest Arab tribes there Awlad Hemaid and Kenana (just few number joined) in janjaweed's issues, it gave the DC group more authorities and power to face this tribes, in terms of arresting and refereeing them (many cases is there).

On Friday 8th of February, a group consist of ten people from two villages (Gedied and Um Khowitm) when they are coming back from a Journey of collecting Arabic gum at a point of twenty km south west Gedied, a group from DC obstructed the way and stopped them, after investigation and accused them dealing in trades with South Sudan, order them to pay as to be released. The group refused to pay, then the DC group shot them which resulted nine killed. When relatives of the murdered knew, they went to point of incident. The surprise, the DC group made ambush to them and killed thirty seven people more, the remaining fled back. After, more armed relatives came back to the point with more conscious, then fight between them took place which resulted more deaths and injured people (many of them by now at Abu-Jibaiha hospital).


  • The network now fasten from Abu-Jibaiha, so since it is back we will provide you by more information.
  • Unconfirmed information talk about third group entered within and fired the two groups.
  • All the deaths we mentioned from Awlad Hemaid. What we knew about them, this case if not solved soon it will go farther than our imagination.    






10th of February 2013