Tragedy in Kologi Locality

Tragedy in Kologi Locality

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

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Tragedy in Kologi Locality


Kalogi is small town in South Kordufan/Nuba Mountains State in the eastern region. It is a capital of Kologi locality. It is located 45 km northeast Talodi, 60 km south Abu Jibaiha. And Moronj (20 km south Kologi) is the one of the biggest villages in Kologi locality.

On 16th March 2013, the Kologi governor (Adam Elfaki) visited Moronj with a Talodi governor (Ali Dafalla). The militia commander of People Defense Force ( PDF) talked to him on behave of Moronj people to leave 20% of the taxes collected in their village. When the governor was ready to move out of the village, he collected all the taxes, then the PDF commander asked him to leave the 20% for the village, the governor did not take heed of his advice and he went to the capital.

On the second day, the governor sent soldiers to bring the commander to him. The commander resisted to go with them, then soldiers tried to take him by force. The commander together with his sons exchange fire with them which resulted into three soldiers being killed and two wounded. Immediately the troops quit with their dead and wounded and went back to the capital. The PDF commander with his sons went to village police station and reported what they did, then the police jailed them.

Three hours later, a bigger troop of soldiers came from Kologi and went to the police station, asked the policeman on duty where the commander and his sons? The policeman told them that they were in the cell. They asked him to bring them out and he did so. Without any introduction they shot three of them in front of the policeman and at the police station. Thereafter they moved back to Kologi.

Now in Kologi town and in Moronj there is a real conflict between the citizens on one side and the governor and military on the other side. The latest information is that, since the day of the tragedy, the governor kept himself inside his house with more soldiers on guard.

Kologi is known as one of PDF centres in Nuba Mountains, where Kawahla tribe occupies (it is arab tribe involve in PDF activities all over the east region up to Rashad and Al Abbasiya localities), which means most of them are armed. However Kologi military is very known for its aggressiveness and being notorious. They have a cell inside their compound made of iron container buried in the ground with an opening on the top where they pass the arrested people by MI department.

We expect the central government will move soon to cool it down so as not to lose them since they are their most supporters.


The extrajudicial killing is going on in Nuba Mountain against the government supporters or non supporters. They just kill regardless of who is supporting what.


The Names of whom killed is:

Name of PDF commander in Moronj:        Ismail Nourain (Hajouk)

Names of his sons:

  1. Mohammed Ismail Nourain
  2. Omer Ismail Nourain                  







19th of March 2013