Update (4)

About Omaia Abduelateef

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization




Update (4)

About Omaia Abduelateef



When the authorities knew he was being visited some developments happened as indicated below:

  • The authorities (Abu Jibaiha military head commander) confessed he is with them in Rashad under treatment and a soon as recovered they will release and deliver him to his family.
  • He has been deported from governor's house to military guest house.
  • On (2nd October 2012) Kamal Khaleil one of the abducting incident eye witnesses by his testimony in front of the attorney, he explained how and whom abducted Omaia, and names of other witnesses (this made them embarrassed within the town).


HUDO now put this witness under observation, because he could be threatened by the security authorities to change his testimony or he can face any kind of revenge.

HUDO urges all NGOs and activists to give them all support and attention.




3rd October 2012

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