Update (7) Detainees in Kadogli

Detainees in Kadogli

 منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization


Update (7) Detainees in Kadogli  

On 12th Nov 2012 the NISS authorities decided to transfer all detainees to Kadogli prison (males who were kept in NISS cells and female who in partial arrest). Now all of them are in  prison, some of the ladies are:  1. Tayseer Abdul Gadir Elbushra 2. Al-Radiea Suliman Tia 3. Hawua Kubara Musaad 4. Samia Hussein Mado 5. Maha Ali 6. Amal Abualfadel Kuku  Note: Among the detainees some are suffering from diabetes or hypertension.



12th December