Update (8)

Kadogli ladies

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization


Update (8) on Kadogli ladies

  The thirty five ladies detained in Kadogli has been transferred to unknown place today early morning on bus guarded by to vehicles mounted with gun machines and number of soldiers. Details: Since they arrested on 5th – 10th of November 2012 (five of them released and soon after one day rearrested) in a bad situation as bellow;  • Official visits to them not allowed. • They had been used to clean the prison. • They had been used to transport water from water source to water containers in the jail. • Sleeping on ground (even without plastic mat). • Bad meals (quality and quantity) • No one investigate them (most they don't know why they are in).         Due to above mentioned one among them aborted her pregnancy. So they did hunger strike for three days ended by last Sunday (23rd of November), which resulted three among them admitted in police hospital as inpatients. Today early morning the NISS authorities took them all except five (because they are in hospital) to unknown place out of Kadogli. Some detainee's relatives informed by prison authorities "they had been taken to Elobeid" but we thing most probably to Khartoum (we will look after). The five ladies (inpatients) left in Kadogli are; 1. Ehlam Abdulgadir Ali (incomplete apportion) 2. Khadega Mohamed Badur Kuku (with disc prolapsed)  3. Fathia Abdulmutalab (hypotension and dehydration) 4. Rawia Musa Abudelrahman Angatu (hypotension and dehydration)  5. Om Alhussein Abuzeid (hypotension and dehydration)  
We are seeking  for their rights, by sending them to court if they are facing any accusation  or release them immediately .Also their families rights to know where and how they are with allowing visits by them and lawyer.