Update and correction

Update and correction

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization



Update and correction

The leaked information from military sources in Al-Leri is that, extrajudicial killing detainees is going on, but up to now no family received their dead body. However some families conducted mourning sessions like the family Mr.Kaki Elfaki who was also confirmed to have died.

The reliable information HUDO can confirm is that nine(9) people were killed.
Among them are:
1. Mc. Adam Jojo (Lafoufa head community leader)
2. Hejab Elfaki (policeman)
3. Adam Takowe
4. Kaki Elfaki

Abdalla Jojo was killed, but he is not Mc.Adam Jojo's brother, just similarity in names.

About burning it is complete burn in Hai Tagoui and majority of Hai Tero and Gaar Alhajar, in this part of the town the dwellers were displaced to other parts of town and the effected parts were surrounded and looted by public defense force and they preventing the owners from accessing their homes (this is what PDF does all over Nuba Mountains).
There are other two people that were killed accidentally, because they came closer to military check point at night. One of them is (Ibrahim Kabashi).

The deaths among SAF and BDF are sixteen:
 Ten from PDF within them three teachers (one of them is Abdalla Jojo).
 Six from SAF

Lafoufa people in Khartoum created a committee from twenty people, and it is suppose to travel to Al-Leri so as to stand on the actual fact. So they need protection .



9th of November 2012