Update for appeal (10)

Update for appeal Elshazly, Asmaa, Elsadiq

 منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization



Update for appeal (10)

Elshazly, Asmaa, Elsadiq

The above mentioned detainees are still under detention.  Shazly and Elsadiq at Kopper prison and Asmaa at Omdurman prison. They were visited by their families a week ago, within this visit, they were advised by NISS member to submit a plea letter to head of NISS so as to release the detainees. Their families reacted to this advice as indicated below;  Elshazly Hamagelnil Saaed Abduelrahman (Male) Arrested on 4th of Nov 2012. His family reacted positively and his brother (Moamar) submitted the letter mentioned on (13rd Feb 2013), now waiting for the results. HUDO hopes that this will assist in his release not to be used against him.  Asmaa Ahammed Elmansour Geiley (Female) Arrested on (27th October 2012) Her family reject this advice, that their daughter is innocent and if she is guilty NISS should take her to court.  Elsadiq Abdalla Elaraki Rushash (Male) Arrested on (26th October 2012) When HUDO asked his family, they answered that they were not advised to do so and if they were  advised as such, they would not accept.  Attention: Elmansour Ahammed Elmansour Geiley (Male) Arrested on (27th October 2012)  As HUDO mentioned in previous report, he wasn't deported to Khartoum due to his health situation. Up to now the NISS didn't ask about him, which means he was released under that bail signed by his brother.    




16th of February 2013