Update on Appeal (10)

Update on Appeal: Shazally, Asmaa, Elsadiq

منظمة حقوق الإنسان والتنميه

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Update on Appeal (10)


Shazally, Asmaa, Elsadiq


The above mentioned detainees who have been arrested in (dates provided bellow) since date they are still in jail, Shazally and Elsadiq in Cooper Prison and Asmaa in Omdurman Prison (all in NISS detention sections). They were visited by their families a week ago. During the visits, the families were individually advised by NISS that they should appeal to the Chief Commander of NISS to free them. The family responses were as follows:


Shazally Hamadenil Saeed Abdelrahman: (Male)

Arrested on: 4th of November 2012

His family responded by submitting a letter to the Chief Commander on 13th of February 2013 through his brother Muammar. Now they are waiting for the result. We hope this can free him not to be used against him.

Asmaa Ahammed Elmansour Gailey: (Female)

Arrested on: 27th of October 2012

Her Family refused to write any appeal, they stated that, since their daughter did nothing, so why should they appeal for an innocent person, and she should be sent to court, if there is any crime against her.


Elsadiq Abdalla Elaraki Rushash: (Male)

Arrested on: 26th of October 2012

When we asked his family, they said; they were not advised to appeal, and even though they will never do that.


Note: For Elmansour Ahammed Elmansour Gailey:

Arrested on: 27th of October 2012

as mentioned on our previous update, he was not transferred from Alabasseya to Khartoum, due to his illness, and they left him with his family after his brother signed bill paper. Up to now they didn't asked about him, which mean he is freed under bill condition.




16th of February 2013