Update on Appeal: Abdulraheem Ahammed Azzaz

Update on Appeal: Abdulraheem Ahammed Azzaz

منظمة حقوق الإنسان والتنميه

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Update on Appeal (14)


Name:                        Abdulraheem Ahammed Azzaz

Date of Arrestment:  02.02.2013

Arrested by:               NISS

Released on:               22.02.2013


Details: (Continuing to the previous update)

As we expected the tribal move succeeded to free him.

After Mergani Hussein Zakieldin (North Kordufan governor) called Ahammed Haroun (South Kordufan governor), he assured the detainee's relatives, the detainee will be released under bill from Al Abbasiya.

Second day relatives went there and found him transferred back from Dilling. The detainee refused his release under that circumstances unless to know why he is detained. His relatives and friends spent three days in convinced him to accept this situation, then the process completed. Two person did the guarantee:

  1. Hussein Ibrahim
  2. Osman Ismail


Cause of Detention:

Introduction: Abdulraheem Ahammed Azzaz worked and facilitated in HUDO's IDPs camp report. After when he discovered the situation there, he with others collected food items (sorghum, onion and cooking oil) from within their villages and distributed for the IDPs in some camps.

Cause: He was asked by NISS when investigated:

  • About food items he distributed in camps. From where he got the money, is it came from outside Sudan? He answered this is our own charity towards the IDPs, and I shall do it again.
  • Are you working with HUDO? He answered no.
  • Do you know Bushra Gamar? He said I heard about but I didn't saw him.


HUDO word:

We in HUDO appreciating what he did and congratulate ourselves by his release and looking forwards.




25th of February 2013