Update on Appeal: Abdulraheem Ahammed Azzaz

Update on Appeal: Abdulraheem Ahammed Azzaz

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization


Update on Appeal (14)


Abdulraheem Ahammed Azzaz


Now we got strong information, Azzaz had been arrested by (NISS), they moved by him to Alabasseya, and two days after they transferred him to Diling.

His family and some from his tribe went to wali (governor) of North Kordofan (the governor from the same tribe / Bedaireya) as to mediate and recommend Azzaz release. As far there is a delegation from them went yesterday to Diling so as to facilitate his release.

We expecting Azzaz will be free soon, if the Northern Kordofan governor talked to the Southern one, he have to do that because he is now the community leader for this tribe, and this one of his job (protecting and facilitating for tribe members). Usually things goes (within this period) like that especially if the victim from Arab ethnics as Azzaz is.

I thing the delegation will not travel unless the governor did that call.  









12th of February 2013