Update on Kadogli Ladies (13 May 2013)

Update on Kadogli Ladies (13 May 2013)

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization


Kadogli Ladies on Hunger Strike


Early November 2012, thirty two (32) ladies were arrested in Kadogli. On 26th of December they were transferred to El Obeid prison after they had gone on a hunger strike for three days.

On 25th April 2013 fourteen (14) out of them were released on bail condition after cases opened against them.

The eighteen (18) who remained in jail (List attached bellow) have so far completed six month in jail by 11th May 2013 without appearing before any courts of law or even any legal procedure. This afternoon all of them declared a hunger strike.

They have gone on a hunger strike because of the following;

  • They spent more than six (6) months without being taken through any legal procedure.
  • They have been denied access to their lawyers.

They have decided to go on a hunger strike until they are;

  • Immediate release.
  • Or produced to courts of law with full legal rights.



These ladies are detained outside the legal frame work and are detained in a poor conditions, without any charges. The period of ongoing detention it resulted of many complications for them and their families, HUDO interviewed some of their families which they confirmed many challenges:

  • Denied care for their children and families members.
  • Put them and their families in more financial challenges as a punishment.
  • Their detention shows missing of rule of law and appeared clearly the discrimination of law implementation.

Human Rights and Development Organization (HUDO) therefore appeals to all concerned people, well wishers and organizations to appeal or urge the Sudan government to release these ladies immediately or produce them to the court.





13th of May 2013




Ladies Names

  1. Taysir Abdul Gadir
  2. Hawua Kubara Musaad
  3. Zarouq Ahammed
  4. AL-Radiea Suliman Tia
  5. Amal Abdualfadel kuku
  6. Zeinab Musa
  7. Fatima Subahi
  8. Sumia Mirgani
  9. Ehsan Ibrahim
  10. Om Alhassan Abuzeid
  11. Samia Ahmed Zaroug
  12. Fatima Mohamed Ali Gabir
  13. Hiba Abdurhaman
  14. Rawia Musa
  15. Esmahan Ramadan Makki
  16. Wigdan Ibrahim
  17. Afaf Madani Naser
  18. Maha Ali




13th of May 2013