Update on Kadogli Ladies 13th March 2013

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية

Human Rights and Development Organization


Updating in Kadogli ladies

13th March 2013


Khadega Mohamed Badur Kuku

As mentioned in the previous update, on 11th March 2013 she was transferred from Khartoum to El Obeid, but an event was not expected and the prison manager refused to accept her in jail. Then the NISS took her to Kadugli , where the prison manager also could not accept her (due to her poor health). She remained in prison courtyard until evening when the manager allowed her to enter. Currently she is suffering from a urine retention besides that, she is still suffering from back ache and the NISS refused to send her to hospital.
This act proves that the NISS insists not to release her despite of her poor health.
Rawia Musa

On 11th March 2013 she was unconscious (coma) for six hours due to the deterioration of her health. This morning she had been sent to the prison clinic in a bad condition.

Samia Ahmed Zaroug

For the last two days she is suffering from left chest pain and no respond from the prison's authorities to send her to the clinic.

Zeinab Musa

She is suffering from goiter (enlargement with hypothyroidism), and for the last two months she has difficulty in swallowing and palpitation.    

All other ladies

They are suffering, general weakness of malnutrition. It may develop to anemia and even decreasing of natural immunity, which can make them vulnerable (exposed) to any infectious diseases. However, they are in jail. Now it became very clear how the NISS is carelessly handling their issue particularly the medical one.

To urgently intervene on ending this tragedy, HUDO is proposing to you all that we conduct skype conference so as to discuss this issue and to come up with effective and concrete plan to be agree upon and implement by all. We request everyone to respond and suggest the time when everyone can be able participate.  



13th of March 2013