WAR by Other Means

منظمة حقوق الإنسان والتنميه

Human Rights and Development Organization


 WAR by Other Means


Nuba Mountains and mostly the eastern region, one of the best fertile lands in Sudan. There are many National agricultural schemes, across the upper eastern part of the region there are also a small subsistence agricultural farmers who are not formerly registered and works out of the national project, using in both machinery cultivation and manual. Due to the conflict most of these farms has stopped, except those in the northern part of the region, hence these few working farms are experiencing the problem of lack of labor forces as effect of the war and the session of South Sudan, this problem has delayed the process of harvesting. The area is rich in producing sorghum and sesame. The government sent troops in the area alleged to be protecting the farms. On 24th February 2013 unknown groups had burned down some selected farms in areas approximately mounts as bellow:

  • El Murrat area, Farms out of the National Project:
  1. Adam Ismail's farm, 900 sags (1 sag = 130 Kg).
  2. Ishaq Adam Elmahadi's farm,480 sorghum sags.
  3. Hamid Ibrahim Ezairiq's farm, 1500 sorghum sags.
  4. Other small farms owners by the local community, 450 sorghum sags.
  • Um Elkheirat area: Farms within the national project:
  1. Awad Eltayeeb Abdelrahman's farm (farm no. 3), 1000 sorghum sags.
  2. Ibrahim Elamein's farm (farm no. 6), 450 sorghum sags.
  3. Other small farms owners by the local community,1600 sorghum sags

The farm owners formed a committee to investigate and assess the losses however the committee was accused the government military troops basing on the following reasons;

  • The 0wners of the selected farms which are burned down were provided a major shares last January, when the farmers donated sorghum to the IDPs in their camps around the farms, the total share was175 sags.
  • All of them are in opposition lines to government party (NCP).
  • All of the victimized farmer were refused to join the government militias (PDF).
  • Some of the victimized farmers are relatives to the IDPs.

According to HUDO, the burning down of this farms is just one of the government strategies of war against the IDPs camps in the region or any government controlled areas, also it was a warning to the victimized farmers and other not to attempt to provide any support to the IDPs in the futures so as to make for them the life impossible hence die all starving or flee

Note: the press release issued by the farmers committee for investigation and losses assessment






8th of March 2013