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                                                                                                                   High charges

Name: Kamal Ali Mohammed Ali Subahi
Gender: Male
Age: 38 Years
Marital Status: Married (father of four children, three boys and one girl, the elder son is ten years and the younger was born few day after his death)
Occupation: Trader (own a small business in Talodi market), retired Corporal from the Sudan Armed Force- Infantry Forces in 2007
Political Affiliation: None
Date & place of arrest: 7th April 2012 in Kalogi (40 Kilometers north of Talodi)
Detention Organ: Police and was handed over to National Security for interrogation and torture Date of Death: 14th April 2012
Background: The conflict erupted in Talodi on the 5th June 2011; the organized forces headed by the national security targeted all the political member of the SPLM by arresting and assassinating them as well as confiscating their properties and destroy them.
They also targeted any citizen who opposed their arbitrary actions; some individuals took advantage of this chaotic situation to sort- out personal problems with others. Sudan Armed Force solders tend to destroy and loot the house of Talodi Commissioner (Mohammed Kamal Mohammed Ali Subahi/ SPLM), the commissioner’s cousin late Kamal rejected this act verbally (of course he failed to stop it), they looted the whole house including the roofing, doors and some building blocks, late Kamal based his argument that the house belongs to the commissioner’s father and it has been there before the commissioner was appointed, that stand cost him his live.
Details: When the SPLA-N attacked Talodi, civilians fled to Al Liri, Kalogi and Abu Jibaiha towns and later to Khartoum, Kamal evacuated his family and his wife on her late pregnancy to Al Liri (56 kilometers east Talodi) in a hurry and remained behind to put things on order, then afterwards, he boarded a vehicle to Kalogi thinking he is out safely. As soon as he reached Kalogi he was arrested by the police and locked in the custody without any charges against him, in the following day (Sunday) he was taken to the national security office where he was asked about his relation with SPLM and Mohammed Kamal the former commissioner?
In his answers, he explained his blood relation with the commissioner, but nothing to do with SPLM after that they took him back to the police custody where secretly he did some communication. In the third day (Monday) again he was taken to the national security offices where he spent that night under-going torture. In the fourth day (Tuesday) by orders from national security to military intelligence Kamal was cuffed sent to Talodi, he was put in the national security’s cells under- going torture for two nights.
On Thursday he was taken to military intelligence’s cells in Talodi where detainees were warned neither to draw closer to him, nor to give him water or food while he was crying begging for only water. He stayed like that cuffed without water and food until he passed away on Saturday morning with rotten clothes, signs of torture, bruises and tumors on his face and limbs(as it has been told by survivors)

HUDO 7th August 2012