Detainee Nasir Hamid Ebrah

منظمة حقوق االنسان والتنمية                                                                         
                                                                         Human Rights and Development Organization (HUDO)
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                                                                                                                Detainee Nasir

Name: Nasir Hamid Ebrah
Age: 37 Years
Occupation: SAF Soldier (Sergeant)
Place of Work: Talodi (Military quarter)
Original Residence: Dilling
Place of Arrest: Talodi
Date of Arrest: 26.04.2012
Arrested by: MI
Place of detention: Abu Jibaiha
Details: Within his position as an administrator sergeant he discovered financial corruption, so he worked aggressively to reveal the corrupt people. This led him into conflicts with them, and they tried hard to push him out. When SPLA attacked Talodi (22nd April 2012) they found good opportunity to knock him. After the war (attack) he went back home from his fighting position, soon a troop of MI soldiers with one of those (the corrupt) came to his house, arrested him, looted and broke down his house belongings. They went back to MI office where they accused him of correcting the SPLA shelling via phone. He denied all these accusations, then they tortured him and punctured his left eye. They transfered him on the same day to Abu Jibaiha through Al leri where he spent a terrible night complaining from torture and punctured eye ball without eating or drinking. He arrived Abu Jibaiha when he was in a paralysis status without any kind of treatment. Later rumours about his death spread, but HUDO investigated after and found it was false.
· He stayed in Abu Jibaiha MI cells under very bad condition with very poor medical care.
· On (24th July 2012) Some trusted people saw him in Abu Jibaiha hospital under guarding with his eye on dressing.
· On (6th Aug. 2012) he was transfered from Abu Jibaiha to unknown place (HUDO is trying hard to know where he is). Appeal HUDO urging for his immediate release or sending him to Military court if he is guilty.

HUDO 2nd October 2012