Detainee Daoud Moemin Kanouna

منظمة حقوق االنسان والتنمية                                                                          
                                                                       Human Rights and Development Organization (HUDO)
                                                                                                                     Appeal (8)

Name: Daoud Moemin Kanouna
Age: 26 Years
Marital Status: Single
Residency: Dilling
Occupation: Student
Political Affiliation: SPLM Member
Date of Arrest: 19.10.2012
Place of Arrest: Dilling
Arrested by: NISS
Place of Detention: NISS cell at Dilling
Accusation: Affiliation to SPLM
Details: Daoud is a student in pharmaceutical faculty at India. He came to Dilling struggling to collect some money that can assist him in completing his studies. Within his stay he campaigned in the election of 2011 at South Kordufan, so he worked actively in SPLM campaign which led him into being arrested. He was arrested by NISS armed soldier and jailed at NISS cell. Now there is a rumour that he had been deported to Khartoum. HUDO urges for his immediate release or transfer him to court of law if he facing any charges.

HUDO 30th October 2012