Arbitrary Arrest in Sudan

منظمة حقوق الانسان والتنمية                                                                           
                                                                       Human Rights and Development Organization (HUDO)
                                                                                            Appeal (17) Arbitrary Arrest in Sudan
At beginning of May-2013, there was serious attacks to Um Rawaba and Abu Kershola by Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF). The National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) reacted by carrying out many arbitrary arrests targeting Nuba group and SPLM members all over Sudan. Most of the detainees have got no access to their families and lawyers. What had been documented by HUDO and other NGOs had not covered all the arrested people. As per now, there are some detainees missing. The information below is what HUDO could manage to get about detainees but, it is not the final one. Khartoum On 1st and 2nd – May 2013 in Omdurman mostly at Al Thawra areas 61 and 48, some people were arrested from their houses and others from the church and mosque while they were praying.
• Mussa Zakaria Jujo, 40 years old, lawyer.
• Mr. Ibrahim Hassan 45 years old, was arrested at the midnight 12:30 when the NISS came and knocked at the house gate, his son opened then they rushed in and arrested him. He is a priest in the church and he was rented his house to SPLM (within it is in power) as an office in the area of 61 in Al Thaura / Omdurman.
• Abduelrahman Bakheit Saeed, 47 years old, governmental employee.
• George Adlan, 70 years old, Labourer.
• Daniel Abu Lesan, 70 years old, Labourer.
• Yassir Tutu, 65 years old, teacher.
• Mussa Mardeit, 60 years old, labourer.
• Kamal Luka Kuku, 65 years, labourer.
• Yousif Amein Ahammed, 45 years old, teacher, arrested on 5th May 2013.
• Mr. Mikha Metias, 35 years old, labor, taken from the church.
• Daoud Makadi: 35 years old, activist, from Kawalib tribe. Arrested from his house at Abu Siid area / Omdurman.
• Louga Ibrahim, 54 years old, governmental employee.
• Musa James: 47 years old, working in customs police (policeman) and he is also an evangelist in Episcopal Church. But they released him immediately when they discovered that he is a policeman (this reflect that, NISS had no plan or was not certain of the accused, they just collected people by their features). NISS have called back those that have been interrogated before (mentioned on appeal 15) and detained them again. They are members of Christian bodies:
• Fellowship of Christians universities students (FCUS)

ü  Barnaba Temthaose, 30 years old, FCUS Administration manager.

ü  Yousif Ali Saeed, 25 years, FCUS Secretary.

• Gideon Theological college (GTC) / New life group

     ü  Abdalla Saeed Ballu,27 years old, member.

     ü  Mamadan Elia, 30 years old, member.

      ü  Steven Yagoub, 25 years old, member.

 On Friday 24th-May-2013 at 6pm (Sudan local time) NISS continued arresting people arbitrarily in Omdurman / Marzouq at the mosque, and drove them to unknown place. These are their names;

• Dafalla Abduelraheem Adam Rushash, 76 years old, retired teacher, he was an IDP displaced recently on April 2013 from Abu Kershola/Nuba Mountain due to the recent conflict.
• Hashim Abduelraheem Adam Rushash, 71 years old, businessman, Khartoum dwell at Abusiid/square 12.
• Abdalla Elgedail, 46 years old, he was an IDP who fled from Al Abbasiya / Nuba Mountains and settled in Khartoum since 2012.

Sinar (along Blue Nile shore, 350 km south Khartoum):
It is the biggest town in Sinar state. On day 3rd May 2013, the NISS arrested two people;
• Saad Mohammed Abdalla, 21 years old, labourer, SPLM/N member.
• Elmahey Suliman, 50 years old, Sudan congress party (SCP not NCP), teacher.

Al Abbasiya Town in South Kordufan state/ eastern region (80 km south Um Rawaba):
• Hassan Mussa Mami, 43 years old, Agricultural engineer at Abu Kershola. Arrested on 4th of May 2013.
• Eltaj Badawi Ali Gailey, 47 years old, trader, he was been arrested at Al Abbasiya market on 18th May 2013 by NISS.

Dongla Capital of North state (lay on River Nile shore, 420 km north Khartoum):
• Basheir John Eltayeeb Mahmoud, 26 years old, employee at Korean tourism company in Dongla, and he is the head of Nuba Association in North state. He is under house arrest. The company confiscated and it is owner (Korean) was given 48 hours to leave the country.
• Hashim Mussa Osman Gendaik, 38 years, government employee (state culture ministry)

Madani Capital of Gizeera state (along Blue Nile shore, 186 km south Khartoum):
• Tariq Babikir Mehaissi, 33 years old, SPLM/N member.
What is clear is that: SPLM/N is targeted and mostly the Nuba people, especially the Christians from Moro, Heiban, Kawalib, Achroon (60% of mentioned above were Christians). Some people who succeeded in running away from NISS but still under hiding are;

• Aziz Ibrahim Babur: 43 years old, wanted by the security, he is a doctor and a teacher as well. He left the house because he is being chased/targeted. He contested for elections at the local level in Omdurman county representing SPLM.
• Aboud Al Mak: 48 years old, teacher, (Christian).
• Abdelrahman Rahal: 46 years old, Evangelist, (Episcopal Church).
• Adam Eltegani, 50 years old, teacher

Also there are many cases of arrests in El Obeid, Um Rawaba and El Rahad however, the number of people mentioned above is small compared to all the arrested people. Some of detainees’ families that went to NISS to inquire were not told which prison they had kept them.
HUDO got reliable information that they are being tortured.
HUDO appealing for strong campaign by all national and international civil society so as to put a pressure on Sudan government to release all detainees. HUDO 26th May 2013