Blue Nile Trials Update 4

Human Rights and Development Organization (HUDO)
                                                                                                  Update on Blue Nile Trials (4)
The judge trials for Blue Nile incidents’ defendants continued at Sinja town in front of Judge/ Abduelmoneim Younis. The sessions were performed for two days in accordance with the following details: Day One (7th July 2013) Case No. (5028/2011) defendant/ Elrasheed Eloumda Khougali This is the third session for the case, the judge listened to two accusation witnesses, by this step the accusation panel closed their file. Also the court examined the defendant. Case No. (5276/2011) defendant/ Gomaa Hamid Mansour This is the first procedural session for the case, on it the judge listened to the police investigator, complainer and one of accusation witnesses. Day Two (8th July 2013) Case No. (5028/2011) defendant/ Elrasheed Eloumda Khougali This is the fourth session for the case, the court dismissal the criminal suit and freed the defendant since the evidence doesn’t lead to his conviction (article 141/1 Criminal Procedure Act). Case No. (4325/2011) defendants are: Sadam Abass John / Ali Idriss / Elnour Jackin Jackouni / Ali Tugul Bulaad / Hassan Suliman Mussa / Nabeil Taha Amir In long procedural session extended for five hours, the court listened to first and second police investigators, complainer and four accusation witnesses, Then the prosecutor closed his accusation file. The judge declared a session on 22nd July 2013 for examining the defendants. Upcoming court sessions: The Judge declared other coming court sessions for announcing the judge official charges for the follow cases:

• Case No. (4086/2011) defendant/ Musa Jahalla Ando
• Case No. (1716/2011) defendant/ Elsheikh Ali Elnour
• Case No. (4523/2011) defendants/ Elsir Aamir Elzaki & Abdalla Elzain Ragab Case No. (4176/2011) For the (79) remained defendants Nothing had been done in judicial procedure in this case.

Important Notes:
 • The appearance of defendant association of lawyers, it gave strong support for the victims and their families.
• The court dismissal the case No. (5028/2011) defendant/ Elrasheed Eloumda and freed him to found that he had been fired from his job due to miss attendance. The judge dismissed the case based on article (141/1) on Criminal Procedure Act:
• In the Case No. (4325/2011) there are two police investigators. Appeal The court session entered a very serious stage which made it highly recommended for embassies, UN agencies, national/international NGOs and individual activist to attend.

HUDO 21st July 2013