Conditional Release for remained Kadogli Ladies

Human Rights and Development Organization (HUDO)
                                                                             Conditional Release for remained Kadogli Ladies

Lastly on 20th July 2013 the remained eighteen Kadogli ladies released conditionally after they spent approximately nine months in jail without any legal ground. The total number of Kadoglii ladies were thirty two, they had been arrested in the period of the fourth and ninth of November 2012, among them five women accompanied in jail by their infants under ages between four and eighteen months. There are also among them seven suffer from chronic diseases, and other lady (Khadija Mohamed Badr) complaining from her back pain as a result of the arrest, which forced Elobeid ii prison authorities transferred her to Khartoumiii hospital for medical treatment. After one month from their detention they did hunger strike for three days protested against the bad situation and treatment in Kadogli prison, which resulted the security authorities deported them to Elobeid prison on 26th December 2012. On 13th March 2013 Khadega Mohamed Badur discharged from Khartoum hospital and transported to Kadogli prison recently after Elobeid prison’s authorities rejected her due to her serious bad health situation. On 14th April 2013, thirteen ladies from Elobeid prison deported to Kadogli prison. On 25th April 2013 the fourteen ladies in Kadogli prison released on bail condition after cases opened against them and ordered not to travel out the state except after state security panel permission. On 13th May 2013 the remained eighteen ladies in Elobeid prison did hunger strike protesting against keeping them in jail more than six months without any legal ground. On 17th May fi3een of them broke down their strike a3er meeting with Elobeid prison manager, later on 23rd May 2013 other two followed them in breaking down, remained one (Al-radiea Suliman Tia) con6nued up to 7th June 2013. On 19th July 2013 the remained eighteen ladies deported from Elobeid prison to Kadogli prison. On 20th July 2013 a mee6ng held for them in state prisons authorities office attended by:
1. High prosecutor attorney of South Kordufan state
2. NISSiv South Kordufan state manager
3. Head of South Kordufan state police
4. Head of police security / South Kordufan state
5. Head of South Kordufan state prisons
6. Minster of Social affair / South Kordufan state
7. Governor of Kadogli locality 8. Manager of family and child authority / South Kordufan state This high delegation informed them by the release conditions as follow:
• There were cases opened against them (they did not mentioned under which articles or act, however the police informed them later by the cases’ numbers individually).
• They will be released after relatives personal guarantee.
• Denied to them go out of the state except after NISS manager or head of police security permission.
• The prosecutor attorney informed them if they did so again will face vine of hundred million Sudanese poundv or ten years jailing (up to now the ladies don’t know what they did).
• They informed that, they will be under focus.
• They will be ask later to attend a meeting with the state governor (Wali).
• The delegation promised the governmental employees that, they will be back to their job and get their delayed salary for the previous nine months after ministers council decide (without giving any time frame).

HUDO Word HUDO thanks and appreciated all NGOs, UN agencies, Embassies and other groups for their campaign and support which resulted this release, but still it is partially.
So HUDO requesting for continuing the campaign and proceeding to the regional court for getting back their constitutional rights and keeping on pressure to prevent other violations. HUDO 22nd July 2013 i Capital of South Kordufan state / Nuba Mountains ii Capital of North Kordufan state, 290 km north Kadogli iii Capital of Sudan, 950 km north east Kadogli iv National Intelligency and Security Services v = twenty thousand USD