Mandi Students and other civilians Detained in Kadogli

                                                                            Human Rights and Development Organization (HUDO)
                                                                                                                           Appeal (6)
                                                                            Mandi- Students and other civilians Detained in Kadogli
                                                                                                                    6th October, 2013 

Kadogli is the capital of South Kordufan state where the military head quarter is based. This head quarter heads the military operation as well as receiving detainees that are deported from other towns within the state. HUDO got reliable information that all cells of NISS and MI are fully crowded (they average around 500 detainees . We put in account the ten cells which were built in 2011 add to it what was there before. Put in mind that in 2011 some cells equipped to accomodate 55 detainees. ‘remember that the Public defense commander/ Kaffi Tayara had detention cells’, now they used Kadogli prison for jailing very many detainees (130 detainees are kept in). On 21st Sept 2012 a patrol unit arrested a number of civilians that were on their way from Mandi (60 km east Kadogli) to Kadogli doing their civil business (most of them are students). As per now, we have got information about one of them (we will try hard to get information about the rest):
Name: Dafalla Ibrahim Eldouma
Age: 21 Years
Occupation: Student (Kordufan University)
Original residency: Mandi
Place of Arrest: Between Um-Safifa and Karkaraya (15 km east Kadogli)
Place of detention: MI cells
Arrested by: MI (patrolling group)
Details: Dafalla lost one studying year due the existing conflict. He decided with other students faced with the same problem to pass through Kadogli in hidden way so as to join their universities at El Obeid town. After a long hard journey walking and about to reach Kadogli, they were unlucky. They met patrolling MI group which captured them and sent them to MI cells where they are facing very bad situation and are subjected torture. HUDO urges for immediate action to save them from extrajudicial killing.

NOTE: May strong question raise, why they are passing through Kadogli not Talodi? However Talodi is nearest to Mandi than Kadogli. The answer is:
· Talodi population now is very law and most of them are soldiers, which can make hiding impossible.
· The way from Talodi to El Obeid is longer and passing many towns in tension (Al leri, Kalogi, Abu Jibaiha, Rashad and Al Abbasiya), on the other hand Kadogli way passes one town in tension (Dilling).
· The security authorities in Talodi had members from Mandi, which mean they can easily identify them. 

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