Detainee Saeed Mohammed

                                                                            Human Rights and Development Organization (HUDO)
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                                                                                                       Detainee/ Saeed Mohammed
Name: Saeed Mohammed Al Awad
Age: 26 years
Occupation: Student (Khartoum University)
Origin Home: Chamchaka, Nuba Mountains
Date of Arresting: 25th November 2013
Place of Arresting: Chamchaka
Detention Organ: Military Intelligence (MI)
Place of Detention: Al-Obeid / MI Cells
Details: Chamchaka was invaded by Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) on the (1 st of November 2013) as part of Abu Kershola attack campaign; the area remained under control of SRF after its withdrawal from Abu Kershola. Due to these incidents Saeed went to area to see his family. On (22nd November 2013) the Government Troops started a heavy bombardment on the area for three days continuously killing many civilians alive ones fled the village, Saeed’s old, deaf and sick mother with a broken arm could not flee, therefore, Saeed had no choice only to stay with her. On 25th November 2013 the Government Troops entered Chamchaka, while moving from house to house they found Saeed and his mother and detained them, both of them were taken to Al-Obeid with Saeed swimming in his blood due to torture all the way from Chamchaka to Al-Obeid, Saeed is also suffering from Hepatitis. On arrival to Al-Obeid the authorities has got no option to hold his mother, they asked if she has relatives, they called upon her sister and let her go with the sister for her disability to move alone. Until now the old woman has not been able to see/ visit her son even once as well as other family members and relatives, for that matter the family appointed lawyer (Abu Baker Hammad), who has been allowed to see him only once, he got to know that Saeed will face a military trial. On 18th January 2014 the first hearing took place and another hearing has been scheduled for Monday January 20th. Saeed has been accused of Crimes against the State under the provisions of the Sudanese Criminal Act of 1991:
· Undermining the constitutional Government.
· Spying.
· Conspiracy against the State.

The government on the 26th of June 2013 has amended Article (4) of the Armed Forces to allow trying civilian before Military Courts (as we mentioned on our earlier reports- June 2013, this act contradicts the Civilian’s Constitutional Rights). Today the Government is activating this law against Saeed, he is now laying in military cells and facing military trial. What do we expect?!

HUDO is urging all activists, rights defenders, embassies and countries supporting human rights as well as national and international NGOs to pressurize Sudan Government to stop this trial and rescue Saeed from their hands and try him before a civil court if he committed a crime. We also urge for freezing this law that allows military courts to try civilians and band it completely. HUDO January 19th 2014