The Trial of Civilians in a Military Court at El Obeid 1

Human Rights and Development Organization (HUDO)
                                                                     Update The Trial of Civilians in a Military Court at El Obeid

For the first time the governmental authorities used the amendment2 to military law that allows military courts to try civilians. All the accused are below thirty years of age. They were arrested by military intelligence when the government army attacked Chamchaka4 , under accusation of SRF5 affiliation. There was no firm evidence except that they were found at place that was considered to be wrong (Chamchaka) and they are from Nuba and Darfurian tribes!!! Later they were deported to El Obeid. The trial sittings started at the beginning of February 2014, while they were jailed in military custody under torture. On 3rd of March 2014 they were transferred to Elobeid prison after they attended the fifth sitting. The prison authorities accepted nine of them and rejected one (Saeed Ahamed Al Awad) due to his bad health situation (suffering from hepatitis). He was sent back to Military Intelligence cell6 . All of them attended the trial sittings up to the last one on 8th April 2014, each from where he was jailed. On the last trial sitting the judge announced that the next sitting will be on 15th April 2014 when he will read/pass his judgment. The defendants are:
1. Saeed Ahmed Al Awad.
2. Mubarak Ishaq.
3. Al Sadiq Badr-Aldin Ahammed.
4. Ammar Adam Arbab.
5. Ibrahim Eissa.
6. Mohyeldin Ibrahim.
7. Jomaa Badawi Jomaa.
8. Haytham Suliman.
9. Faroug Kajo.
10. Ibrahim.

Nevertheless, the presidential speech about enabling environment for the national dialogue and his announcement of the amnesty against the political detainees, the military court in Elobeid is still implementing the amended Act which has been objected by all civil society.
HUDO appeals to all activist, national and international NGOs to oppose these contradictions in order to ensure that justice is achieved/done.

HUDO 13th of April 2014 1

It is capital of North Kordufan, governed by Ahamed Haroun (whom indicted by ICC)
Was been in 26th of June 2013, after SRF attacked Um-Rawaba and Abu Kershola
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Village in Rashad locality / South Kordufan state
Sudan Revolution Front
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