New Tragedy in Nuba Mountains

                                                                            Human Rights and Development Organization (HUDO)
                                                                                                                      20th April, 2014
                                                                                                   New Tragedy in Nuba Mountains
On 13th April 2014 the government air force targeted some villages in Nuba Mountains (west Rashad) by Bombarding them aggressively, as a result the village dwellers fled up to Tagoui mountain to hide from aerial bombs. The air bombing continued up to 17th April 2014 and the governmental troops supported by militias attacked these villages and damaged some of the water sources and occupied the remaining ones. This act forced the dwellers to flee to Rashad town (approximately 15 km). Currently, the number of IDPs that arrived at Rashad is more than seven thousand (7000), and the number is increasing day by day (some whom protect themselves on mountain started to come down). The IDPs in Rashad occupied the schools, mosque and under some trees. Distributed as follow:
i. Alshamalia (Northern) school, more than one thousand IDPs.
ii. Alshaheida Naeima (martyr Naeima) School, around one thousand and five hundred IDPs.
iii. Al Janoubia (Southern) school, More than one thousand IDPs.
iv. Al Shargeia (Eastern) school, more than one thousand IDPs.
v. The main town mosque, five hundred approximately.
vi. More than two thousand IDPs without shelter (under trees).
vii. About one thousand hosted by their relatives and some kind people. Most of those IDPs are women, children and elder people, and they fled without their belongings. The villages that were attacked are: Um-Darawa, Tendimin, Al-Beyeera, Al-Mangala, Serein, Elsaraf, Woroula, Douma, Al-Mansour, Al-Moglum and Keleiro. All these villages stretch between Rashad and Al-Faid Um-Abdalla. Due to land fertility these areas are highly populated.
HUDO urges all NGOs to give this issue the maximum advocacy it deserves, for urgent relief as well as putting more pressure on the international mechanism so as to stop these attacks. However the government air force planes are still flying this area, which can be understood that there are some other villages which may face the same fate.