The Trial of Civilians in a Military Court at El Obeid 2

 Human Rights and Development Organization (HUDO)
                                                                         Update (2) Civilians Facing Military Trials in El Obeid
As court had scheduled, on 15th April 2014 the court session was held at military headquarter in El Obeid town for the trial of civilians. In this sitting the military judge announced his order as follows:
• The judge dismissed the criminal suit against (Saeed Ahamed Al Awad), and freed him since the evidence doesn’t lead to his convic*on (ar*cle 141/1 Criminal Procedure Act).
• The judge upheld/ruled that the accused (remaining defendants) have a case to answer under article (50) on Criminal Panel Act. The defendants are nine (below are their names with correction and details): 1. Mubarak Ishaq: 25 yrs old, trader, arrested in Rashad.
2. Al Sadiq Adam Daheeya: 32 yrs old, gold mining laborer
3. Ammar Adam Arbab: 29 yrs old, trader, arrested in Rashad (from Garsila / Darfur)
4. Ibrahim Eissa: 24 yrs old, trader, arrested in Rashad.
5. Mohyeldin Ibrahim: 25 yrs old, trader, arrested in Rashad (from Darfur).
6. Jomaa Butri Jomaa: 21 yrs old, herdsman, arrested in Abu Zabad.
7. Hasheem Teiman: 23 yrs old, herdsman, arrested in Abu Zabad.
8. Faroug Eisa Kajo: 29 yrs old, farmer, arrested in Khor Al-Delaib.
9. Ibrahim Adam: 20 yrs old, trader, arrested in Moreib.

• Saeed was released, and he arrived in Khartoum on 18th April 2014 for medical purpose. His health condition is very bad, he is suffering from epistaxis, severe vomiting and loss of appetite. Now a day he admitted to hospital and running some investigations for him. HUDO hopes he recovers soon.
• All of the defendants are from Nuba Mountains except two from Darfur.
• The judge adjourned the case to 30th April 2014 .

HUDO urges the national, international NGOs and defenders to put more pressure in stopping military court trying civilians, and to ensure that the defendants’ rights to be tried in a fair civilian court is respected.

To immediately release those convicted with no evidence of the case towards them.

HUDO 20th April 2014