Incidents in Kadogli

Human Rights and Development Organization (HUDO)
Incidents in Kadogli Since the beginning of this year (2015), Kadogli the capital of south Kordufan state experienced the arrival of Rapid Support force (RSF) in two troops/groups. These troops are associated with violence whenever they appear. By end of (2014) the first troop arrived and later on (24th -Jan- 2015) the second arrived. Soon after the arrival of the second troop, the violence incidences increased which forced the governmental authorities to deport them (after only four days) to South Darfur (HUDO expects the rights violations to increase there).
The incidences of human rights violations that took place within these four days are given below;
· Eight women were raped and are now in military hospital under observation by MI. The MI refused to discharge them from hospital and could not be visited unless under MI permission and supervision.
· Looting of civilian belongings (loss of mobile phones, money and attacks on shops)
· Harassing and beating of civilians
· Women harassment (including sexual).
After some troops were deported, those that remained continued harassing and looting the peripheral shops and the fact that the authorities didn’t question them, they took a great move. On Thursday (5th -Feb-2015) they attacked and looted Elneem Market in Kadogli downtown. The looting included more than thirty five shops. The stolen items include money, phones and some goods. Due to this act the local Public Defense Force (PDF) reacted and supported/defended the victims (shop owners and relatives). As a result, the market became a battle theatre between them as some military soldiers (SAF) supported the PDF. As a result, one lady was killed and five other civilians were severely injured. Also five more people were killed from the two forces and others were injured. Later the Kadogli commercial chamber announced the closure of Kadogli market due to insecurity. Up to now as HUDO writes this report, the whole town is on tension since all the mentioned forces are patrolling the town.
On Friday (6th -Feb-2015) while at the mosque, the Kadogli governor (Abuelbashar Abduelgadir) confessed that twenty five (25) shops and eight (8) supermarkets were looted. He informed the Kadogli dwellers that they had set up a police committee to compute the losses and looted items also he informed them that the government authorities will ensure that the looted items with the SRF are brought back from them. For more than ten (10) days Kadogli has been in complete darkness (no electricity) which exaggerated the fear among civilians. So many people preferred to flee from the town particularly after Thursday when this major incident took place. HUDO monitors witnessed the rush in which people are in to travel (run) out of town as the buses and Lorries are overloaded. Other issues to be considered, this oppressing troop were in a war field at Talodi, when they were back from Angarto area, many atrocities were committed to Talodi people and gold mine workers. As they were coming to Kadogli, they came by some motorbikes which they had looted from Talodi. So far twenty seven motorbikes are used by them in Kadogli town. HUDO urges the international community as well as the international decision makers to put more pressure on Khartoum government to stop any kind of violations and to send those oppressors to fair courts of law and pay back fair redress.

HUDO 9th February 2015