Arbitrary Arrests in South Kordufan

منظمة حقوق االنسان والتنمية                                                                               
                                                                         Human Rights and Development Organization (HUDO)
                                                                                                                          Appeal (27)
                                                                                              Arbitrary Arrests in South Kordufan
Since the war broke out in South Kordufan, the arbitrary arrests launched had never stopped. It keeps on decreasing and increasing according to war aggression. Below you will find what HUDO confirmed and documented.
Name: Adam Essa Agoumy (Eidam)
Age: 35 years Place of Arrest; Mabsout village
Date of arrest; 2 nd February 2015
Arrested by; Military Intelligence
Detention place: Mostly, El Obeid military headquarter (not confirmed)
Details: He was arrested from his village while he was chatting with other friends. The arrest was conducted by a group of armed soldiers who came on three vehicles (land cruisers). They arrested him after shooting in air. Later on the same day he was deported to unknown place (HUDO got reliable information that, the destination is El Obeid at military headquarters. So far, there is no information about his detention status or fate. The unconfirmed information from his village about the cause of his arrest is that the military intelligence suspected him to be affiliated to SPLA/N and suspected him to be recruiting for them members.

Name: Sami Mahmoud Abduelwahab
Age: 27 years
Occupation: Gardener
Place of Arrest; Al-Abbasiya
Date of arrest; 3rd February 2015
Arrested by; Military Intelligence
Detention place: Unknown
Details: The mentioned person comes from Elmoreib village. After war took place in his area most of the people managed to flee but some remained in their place under SPLA/N and sometimes under government controlled area basing on their exchange in controlling. On 2nd -Feb-2015, he appeared in Al Abbasiya town and on the following day he went to the military to inform them he is back from SPLA/N area where he was kept/ held since Elmoreib attacks. So the MI detained him and he was deported to El Obeid (according to MI member). No one knows whether he was deported or not and how long he will take to appear again.

Name: Khaleil Yousif Adam
Age: 16 Year
Place of Arrest; Elfaid Um-Abdalla
Date of arrest; 26th December 2014
Arrested by; Military Intelligence
Detention place; Military camp at Elfaid Um-Abdalla
Release date; 9 th February 2015
Details: On 26th Dec. at (08:00 am), uniformed military soldiers accompanied by MI member in civilian clothing named Ali Buka (the mother recognized him). They came to the mentioned child parent’s house on a land 2 cruiser vehicle; they knocked the door while he is washing his clothes. He went to open for them but they pushed the door aggressively on him and he subsequently fell down. Immediately they started beating him and after they took him to their camp. The following day, the community leader (Sheikh) went to the camp and they informed him that, this kid has a brother who joined the SPLA/N and they suspect that there is communication between them. The child was detained, missed going to school and he was forced to work at the force commander’s house as servant up to the time of his release (9th -Jan-2015). Appeal HUDO urges the international community to put more pressure on Sudan government to stop violations and harassment towards people in conflict areas and particularly children and women. HUDO 10th February 2015