Erasing Village in South Kordufan

منظمة حقوق االنسان والتنمية                                                                                
                                                                           Human Rights and Development Organization (HUDO)
                                                                              Erasing Village in South Kordufan Elghadeer Village

This village covers a distance of (22 Km) and is located in the North-West of Al Abbasiya town with a population of about 600 people, all of them from Tagali tribe (Nubian). This village is an open area temporarily used by nomads during autumn season. But when the war broke out (2011) in South Kordufan between government and SPLA/N, the displaced people from other villages came and settled here and built their huts to stay in. Also IDPs from Elmashaga settled in this area because the governmental authorities stopped them from erecting any camps in towns or villages. They selected these areas because its away from authorities power, flat and the availability of water during autumn. In these areas there is no medical or health facilities, they used to access these service/ facilities from the neighboring village in a distance of seven (7 km) NW from AL-Ghadeer. On Sunday (4th -Jan-2015) afternoon, about one hundred fifty (150) armed soldiers with eighteen (18) land cruisers arrived in this village. They were wearing two different kinds of uniform (the military and PDF uniforms). The troops were commanded by Maj.Azmei, Capt.Ali and the head commander of PDF at Al Abbasiya district by names of Yagoub Amein Elbushra. The troops parked at the Mayor’s (Farah Ibrahim Keuair) compound, when he came to them with other mayor (Mohmed Abduelraheem Burma). Maj.Azmei gave a very short speech and said that as the government they had decided to erase this village because “you Tagali tribe have some young men who joined SPLA/N and you failed to bring them back and this area is used in passing on supplies to the rebels”. When the mayor tried to reply some soldiers started a gun fire. So the whole village feared and people started to run as the soldiers kept on firing. This caused three (3) injuries among the village dwellers. Immediately the soldiers started to burn the village and all houses in the village were set on fire (burnt down). The approximate number of the houses in this village was eighty five (85). All the people from this village fled to Tabasa village and others continued to Um-Rawaba town. 2 The three people who were injured were deported and admitted at Al-Abbasiya hospital. They are still there under security observation and they denied them any visit or to be transferred to any other town. The names of the injured are;
1. Abduelmutalab Tebin
2. Redwan Eissa Ahmed
3. Mohamed Ahmed Adam The security authorities could not erect any camp for those who were displaced and they denied them contact with others. So they are forced to rent houses which they share by not less than three families per house. This harassment violated their rights to life with dignity and denied them the rights of receiving aid as well as the movement right. HUDO urges the concerned NGOs to appeal for the suffering of Nuba Mountain’s people. We also appeal to the international community to emphasize on their responsibility and press on Sudan government to fulfill the theory of rights they wrote. HUDO 10th February 2015