Arrests at Um marreh Camp village

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                                                                                                   Arrests at Um marreh Camp/village
Um Marrehi village is located (40 km) Northwest of Al Abbasiya and (50 km) Southwest of Um Rawaba. Between August – December 2012, many citizens from Elmoreib villagesii settled here after they were displaced as a result of attacks from government troops in Elmoreib and Talasey mountain. The government authorities have kept on targeting the IDPsiii, by arresting them and burning their huts (shelters)iv accusing them of being affiliated to SPLM/N. The arrests go on without any legal backing hence denying them their human and legal rights. On Wednesday (16th July 2014) a group of militias (PDF) soldiers attacked and burnt/destroyed two houses within the camp. This was after they had failed to get the house owners arrested. The two (2) houses owners are;
1. Mr. Ali Ibrahim; 35 years old, Laborer
2. Mr. Ali Almamoun; 65 years old, farmer. On Thursday 17th July 2014) at 10:00 am (Sudan local time) a group of Military Intelligence (MI) raided this camp, arrested four (4) people and drove them to un known place. Below are the names of those arrested;
1) Mr. Abduelmoutey Alsafi Karama, 28 years old, student.
2) Mr. Adam Mukhtar Mahmoud, 30 years old, laborer.
3) Mr. Adam Elnour Omer, 65 years old, farmer.
4) Mr. Albagir Suliman Jubara, 35 years old, farmer. Appeal The IDPs in South Kordufan state are facing insecurity yet the government of Sudan denies the existence of IDPs and as a result, it rejects any passage of the NGOs or accessibility by humanitarian organizations. Therefore, it’s the responsibility on the international community to act more efficient on pressing Sudan government to allow entrance of NGOs and aid workers to those IDPs and provide them by security and protection. HUDO 20th of July 2014

   i The IDPs gathered around the MASEED (religious school teaching Quran for children) in the village.

  ii It consists of many villages’ located Northwest Al Abbasiya town / South Kordufan state.

 iii You can find more details about them in the report at link below;

 iv For previous incident HUDO documented burning of Eljaili Taweer’s house and then his arrest with his wife. Please you can find the report include this information at the link below;