4th September 2016
                                                                                                                       Urgent Action
On 2nd September 2016, the Popular Defense Force (PDF) in Al-Abbasiya Attacked Al-Sanadra village, firing randomly against unarmed civilians. More than thirty civilians were killed, wounded and others missed as well as houses were burnt. The attack was a retaliation of cattle looted by unknown offenders from the PDF members’ tribe. Al-Sanadra is a village in Al-Abbasiya locality in South Kordufan state. It is seven (7) km Northwest Al[1]Abbasiya town, inhabited by approximately two hundred (200) household mainly from Nuba/ Tagali tribes. The PDF is a government allied militia that is dominated by Arab nomad’s tribe. On 2nd Sept 2016, PDF soldiers with more than twenty motorcycles accompanied by two land cruisers vehicles attacked Al-Sanadra village. The attack was based on PDF claimed that, there were some cattle looted from their tribe and that their footsteps passed through Al-Sanadra village. They accused Al-Sanadra village dwellers to have been involved in the theft or being accomplice. By the end of the attack nine people were killed, around twenty wounded, three children and woman are still missing. Some houses were also burned down. The following are the names of the people that were killed; Omer Mohammed Ahmed, Mohammed Abdalla Adam, Gasim Ahmed Algamrey, Abdalla Suliman, Mohammed Ishag, MussaBagadi, Mohammed Bashir, Mohammed Alsaudi and Ahmed Adaroub. Some of the wounded civilians; HussanAlzaibaq, Haroun Ismail, Ismail Adam, Khalifa Ahmed Algamrey, Abdelmoneim Ismail, Abdalla Hassan Ismail, Dafalla Mohammed, Abdelwahab Adam, Abakar Geley, GhasanAlzink and Basheir. Most of them in Al-Abbasiya hospital and some transferred to EL-Obeid hospital. As a consequence of this incident, most of the people shifted to Al-Shawaya village, a distance of five (5) km Southwest of Al-Sanadra. No action from the authorities (state/security) in Al-Abbasiya locality has been taken. Recommendation/ Appeal The security of civilian is of great concern in South Kordufan.
HUDO Centre Calls on the authorities to carry out transparent investigations and make findings public and the perpetrators should account/ punished.
· HUDO Centre appeals to UN agencies in Sudan to investigate the incident.
· HUDO Centre urges UN, USA government and EU to put more pressure on Sudan government in order to stop killing and violating rights of civilians in conflict areas. HUDO Centre More information Since the war erupted in South Kordufan state in 2011, Sudan government and its allied militias conducted a series of attacks on villages burning, killing and displacing its dwellers accusing them by supporting SPLA-N or revenging for certain incidents committed by SPLA-N. In the same Al-Abbasiya locality such incidents took place under the local government observation.
· On 4th January 2015, Al Ghadeer village which inhabited by six hundred (600) people mainly from Nuba/ Tagali Tribe was burned by a troop consists of Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and PDF. It resulted in some civilians wounded, village burned and the dwellers displaced.
· On 6th March 2015, eight (8) villages were bombarded and attacked by SAF and PDF under order of the state governor to evacuate those villages. Cased four abortions/ miscarriages registered among pregnant ladies in the villages and more than ten thousand civilians were displaced.