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4th September 2016
                                                  Update (3) COURT TRIAL OF NISS/SUDAN AGAINST PASTORS AND ACTIVIST

On 1st September 2016, the court proceedings started at 01:00 pm and the hearing was before Justice Dr. Osama M. Abdalla. The translator was not present and the investigator/prosecutor yet again displayed the projector showing photos that purportedly belonged to the 1st defendant. The judge ended the session at 03:00 pm and adjourned court to 5th Sept 2016 for the investigator to continue his submission of exhibits. Summary of the court session The session was presided over by Justice Dr. Osama M. Abdalla at Khartoum Centre Court. In attendance was the investigator, complainant, the defendants and their lawyers. The translator was not present. The investigator counsel/ Abdurrahman continued to display photos on the projector tagged with some comments for the first defendant (Peter) in Nuba Mountains/ SPLA-N territory. He further played the audio recordings claiming that it was the 1st defendant interviewing a student named Ali Omer Mussa (who was burnt). That peter had visited the student together with the 2nd and 3rd defendants at his house in Alhaj-Yousif neighborhood of Khartoum. The investigator added that, while in Addis Ababa the 2nd defendant said/attributed that “the burning of the student was committed by Sudan authorities in order to torture him because he had converted from Islam to Christianity” yet the burning (according to the investigator) occurred during a demonstration of students from Khartoum University. The 1st defendant’s lawyer objected and requested that the photos should be displayed by the technical experts who was tested and prepared the film, the judge promised to do so when needed. Towards 03:00 pm, the complainant’s lawyer requested for the end of court session because the remaining two tapes were to take more than one hour. The judge granted his request and adjourned court to 5th Sept 2016 for the investigator to summarize and conclude display of exhibits in order to save the court’s time.

Recommendations/ Appeal

Ensure that the international standard of justice is followed;
§ HUDO urges the Sudan court to ensure fair trial.
§ HUDO urges the EU, USA and other embassies to attend the court sessions.
§ HUDO urges the activists and defendants’ supporters to keep on attending the trial.

End: For any further information please write to hudo2009@gmail.com