13th Oct 2016


                                                                                                                        Urgent Action
                                                                    RAPE INCIDENT IN TALODI/ SUDAN AND FALSE ACCUSATION
On 16th September 2016, two sisters were raped by two men at Talodi town and the victims reported the case at Talodi police. The perpetrators who are recognized by the victims have not been arrested, instead two other young men who were not at the scene of crime have been accused by police and subsequently arrested based on political issues. The two victims are A. G. N, 24 years old, married, tea maker and R. G. N, 18 years old, unmarried, both from Salamat’s village IDPs in Talodi of South Kordufan. The arrested people are Sabir Yousif Jamjam, 25 years old, government employee and Ahmed Eissa Bakheit, 26 years old, trader. Both are unmarried and they are friends. On 16th September 2016 at 09:00 pm, while the sisters were on their way to a weeding party of their relatives a man on motorbike stopped them and asked “where they were you going”. Lady A replied that they were going to the weeding party. As they were still talking another man on motorbike joined them. The man who came first told them that “we are police criminal investigators and we know both of you are SPLM-N and you are going on a mission, you have to go with us to the police office”. They ordered each of them to ride on a motorbike, the two ladies obeyed. Then each bike went in a different direction. The bike that carried lady A stopped at a house near the NISS office. The man ordered her to come in for investigation/interrogation and thereafter free her. When she entered, she found herself only with him and he used force in raping her. After he took her to Talodi down town at the same time the other motorbike came with the other sister. The two motorbikes moved to where they had picked them before and left them there while the younger sister was unable to walk and had much blood on her thighs. They managed to go to police office and reported the case. The second day a known policeman to them tortured and ordered them against their will to accuse Jamjam and Bakheit. The ladies agreed under duress from police and the two men were arrested and charged with the rape under article (149) of Sudan Code 1991. The case numbers are No.502/2016 and 503/2016 at Talodi police office. Since then the two are still held even after the two ladies have confessed they are not the ones. They are in a very bad psychological and physical status. Jamjam and Bakheit are known for opposing the government officials’ wrong actions and criticizing them publically. HUDO is very concerned about the escape of the perpetrators and the accusation levied against the innocent people. HUDO calls upon;
· Sudan government for the immediate release of Jamjam and Bakheit and carrying out genuine investigations as well as arrest and punish the perpetrators.
· Calling on embassies in Sudan to put pressure on Sudan government to stop violating the civilian rights and ending the impunity. HUDO Centre More information: HUDO centre frequently receives reports about rape cases which are registered under anonymous perpetrators in South Kordufan and others denied to open a case however the perpetrators are known and protected. The following are some cases that were reported in the current year of 2016 only:
· On 3rd January 2016, F. M, 17 years old, student, was raped by three soldiers from RSF on gun point in Al-Abbasiya. The police denied opening a case.
· On 31st January 2016, M. A. E, 43 years old was raped on gun pointing by four armed soldiers from RSF. The police refused to file the case and confiscated her cellphone and prevented her from leaving Al Abbasiya town.
· On 13th March 2016, H.H.A, 12 years old, was raped in Talodi.The case was opened at Talodi police office against anonymous perpetrator. There were no further investigations.
· On 21st March 2016, U. D. K, 11 years old and paralyzed (walking disability) girl was raped atTalodi town by two soldiers from reserve police,they were seen by her mother while they were escaping. The case was opened at Talodi police office against anonymous perpetrator. There were no further investigations.