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                                                                                                              18th October 2016
                                                   ASSAULT OF AN ELDERLY MAN UNDER POLICE WATCH AT ELFAID/ SUDAN

On 13thOctober 2016, Haj, Aboud Mohamed, the crier (Muezzin) of Elfaid mosque was beaten and insulted by Omda, Almanzoul of Dar-Faied/ Hawazma in front of Alfaid police post. Haj/ Aboud Mohamed, 60 years old, is the muezzin of Elfaid mosque and a farmer/cultivator from Tagali tribe of Nuba ethnics. Ommda Almanzoul Kuku Almanzoul, 52 years old, is the community leader (Ommda) of Dar-Faied/ Hawazma tribe one of the Arab tribes in South Kordufan who are mainly cattle keepers. On 13th October 2016, Haj/ Aboud went to his garden which is half kilometer from town. When he arrived, he found cattle (about 19 cows) grazing on his farm/garden. Then he gathered and took them towards the police post where there is a prepared fence (locally called ZARIBA) for such animal to be kept till the owner appears. Before entering the cattle to the fence, the owner Ommda, Manzoul came with a stick and instantly started beating Aboud while insulting him by calling him a slave, associating him/his Tagali tribe with rebels and swearing that he will drive him out of Elfaid town. As a result, the Ommda was managed to take his cattle and went away. All this happened as the police officers watched. In a short while, Aboud decided to report the matter to police officers in order to get justice but, the police did not record his case. Instead they referred him (informed him to go) to the prince (higher than Ommda in community leaders’ hierarchy). One of the eyewitnesses informed HUDO that “the police didn’t intervene; they watched and laughed at Ommda assaulted Haj Aboud”.

HUDO is much concerned and calls upon Sudan government and authorities in South Kordufan state o To uphold and respect the law and customary regulations that are used in South Kordufan in conflict resolution between farmers and cattle keepers. To shun empowering one ethnicity against the other and protect rights of people to live with dignity.

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