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9th December 2016
                                               Update (12) COURT TRIAL OF NISS/SUDAN AGAINST PASTORS AND ACTIVIST

The fourteenth (14th) court hearing was held on 5th December 2016. The session was before Justice Dr. Osama M. Abdalla at Khartoum Centre court and all parties were present. During this session, the complainant (NISS representative) was questioned again (re-examined) by the accusation panel. Thereafter, the first accusation’s witness delivered his testimony and questioned by both lawyers panels. The judge adjourned court to 12th December 2016. Summary of the court session The court session started at 12:40 pm and the main activity was testimony by the accusing witness. The complainant’s response to the accusation panel The accusing panel was led by counsel/ Nasreldein in re-examining the plaintiff represented by Mr. Abbas Eltahir (NISS). The conclusion of the re-examination was;
· According to his investigation, the main objective of the two organizations (VOM & PPF) was political and intelligence work and their activities were not related to their announced objectives.
· The possessions of the second and third defendants were kept with NISS for another case and shall be filed as soon as the process is complete. Thereafter the first defendant’s lawyer requested the judge to ask the complainant which was granted;
· The complainant agreed that, the first defendant never said that he was working with PPF or collaborating with VOM but the complainant concluded from his investigations. The first accusation’s witness testimony The first witness was Nazar Adam Ali, 34 years old, NISS member. He delivered his testimony and was questioned by both the accusation panel and the defendants’ panel.
o He was the person to search the first defendant’s luggage at the airport and he is the same person who asked him twice to travel while leaving his belongings. He also contributed in monitoring and later investigating the first defendant.
o The first defendant’s luggage was searched basing on article 25 of the NISS Act and the search was conducted without witnesses.
o The second and fourth defendants’ items/possessions were confiscated without official resolution. o The witness knows nothing about Addis Ababa conference.
o According to the witness, the incident of burned students’ happened during students’ incident at Al-Azhari University.
o The witness did not know the burnt student’s photo that was shown at court in 2015.
o The witness agreed that, the money was paid for the treatment of burnt student.

HUDO Centre
o There are certificates, books and documents concerning the third defendant that were confiscated by NISS. At 01:45 pm the judge adjourned court to 12th December 2016 for further hearing of the testimonies of accusation witnesses.

Observation Notes;
· The first defendant’s lawyer objected on the witness that he attended all the court sessions but the accusation panel replied that, he came only on the first session and they ordered him to leave thereafter, the judge allowed him to go on with his testimony.
· One of the accusation lawyers (Mahmoud) was writing to the witness some comments while he was answering the questions from the defendants’ panel.

Recommendations/ Appeal
HUDO urges all the concerned, especially:
§ The Sudan court to conduct this trial fairly.
§ The diplomatic missions and embassies to continue attending the court sessions.
§ The activists and defendants’ supporters to keep on attending the trial.
§ The accusation panel to respect the international standard of justice.
§ The Sudan and international media to give more coverage for the court.

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