HUDO Centre
17th April 2017
                                        Update (16) COURT TRIAL OF NISS/SUDAN AGAINST PASTORS AND THE ACTIVIST

Following the verdict (summarized below) delivered by Justice Dr. Osama M. Abdalla at Khartoum Centre court on 29th January 2017;
The first defendant; Mr. Peter Jasek, life imprison
The second defendant; Pastor/ Hassan Abduelraheem Kodi 12 years imprison
The third defendant; Activist/ Abduelmoneim Abdalmwlla 12 years imprison

The 1st defendant was released on 26th February 2017, basing on the presidential amnesty issued by Sudan president/ Omer Albashir. The amnesty was a result of communication between the two states of Sudan and Czech Republic as well as the subsequent visit of Czech Republic’s foreign affair minster to Khartoum, Sudan. For the 2nd and 3rd defendants, their lawyers’ panel applied to the court of appeal on 9th February 2017. From the time the application was made to the court of appeal, there had been unnecessary delays. On 9th April 2017 (after two months), the court of appeal constituted the committee of Judges to scrutinize (examine) the application. A lawyer from the defendants’ panel commented that “we consider this delay to be deliberate because we have not experienced such before and it is against the criminal procedure Act principle 4/C” Recommendation HUDO Centre is very concern about the delay which is against the Criminal Procedure Act and the international measures of justice.

HUDO Centre calls upon;

· The appeal court to accelerate the process and ensure justice.
· The Embassies in Sudan and international community to give more attention to the pastors’ case.

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